Diani Beach Holidays


Diani beach, being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, lies in the south of Mombasa in Kenya. The white sands here cover some 25 kilometres and flow gently into the warm Indian Ocean. The destination is a favourite for beach lovers due to its beautiful beach and its close proximity to some of the best national parks.

Diani Beach is also known for the gigantic reef, which serves as a natural shield against waves and ensures that the water is wonderfully quiet and relaxing. Divers and snorkelers can be spotted here regularly admiring the beautiful coral and colourful fish on the reef.

A ride on a dhow which ideally, takes guests to Wasini Island is a small highlight and promises the sighting of whales, dolphins and giant tortoises.

Water sports enthusiasts from around the world gather in Diani Beach, as the paradisaical scenario and the calm sea with its constant sea breezes are ideal for many sports. Many people also enjoy the deep sea fishing in this idyllic spot. Anglers have a lot of fun and great adventure can be experienced here.

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Diani Beach Holidays